Let’s get Local!



You make dozens of food choices every day, but how often do food miles weigh into your selection? On average, a Canadian meal travels 1200 km before making it to our kitchen table!

The newly signed Paris Climate Treaty encourages Canadians to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By placing local produce in our baskets, we can all work together to support this initiative.

Foods grown locally are harvested at the peak of their ripeness, bursting with flavour and can be enjoyed in a matter of hours or days.  Eating local foods supports the use of green space in and around your community. It also supplies locals with jobs and contributes to the Canadian economy. Since seasonal food requires less packaging and reduces fuel costs, they are often more affordable.

How we can cut down on food miles:

  1. Find out what fruits and vegetables are available in BC each month here, and look for them in the grocery store.

  • Recruit family or friends to join you in trying out fresh, new recipes.

  1. Visit the Artisanal Farmers Markets, which open on Saturday May 7th in Burnaby and Lonsdale and on Sunday May 8th in Ambleside.

  • The markets often have live music, prepared food, and unique hand made items.

  1. Try starting a balcony herb garden this spring. Mint and rosemary are easy to maintain.

  • Try tossing them into some soda water for a refreshing drink.

  1. If you have outdoor space, try planting vegetable seeds or seedlings.

  • You can proudly serve your home grown produce at BBQ’s this summer!

Sometime eating nutritious food can be as simple as filling our plates with more local produce. Never underestimate the power of a fresh and colourful, veggie and fruit filled plate!