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I came to see Alex after I sustained a tibial plateau fracture while skiing. Alex guided me through a painful, lengthy rehabilitation with patience, persistence, encouragement, professionalism and humour. Alex takes the time to explain each intervention, and his steadfast manner eased any doubts I experienced about my ability to work through the pain. He’s exceptional at seeding hope, educating and inspiring confidence while remaining professional in his role. And Burnaby Heights Physiotherapy Clinic is a large, well equipped, professional-looking clinic, which only added to my confidence.

When my knee was locking up after a second surgery (to remove some of the hardware in my knee), I went back to see Alex for the second time. Alex asked thorough and detailed questions, and patiently observed my movements. He was able to assess that my kneecap was “locked up” in scar tissue from my initial trauma. This was resolved with some manual stretching and small maneuvering of the kneecap, demonstrated in a way that made it possible for me to perform this on my own. I experienced considerable relief in a relatively short period of time.

Alex showed an interest not only in my basic movement requirements, but also quality of life issues. Because of his effective “coaching” I am now able to enjoy most of the sports I performed prior to the trauma, participating fully with my family. I’ve had excellent results, and learned much about the realities of physical rehabilitation from this Therapist. His approach helped instill a commitment to continued work that will allow me to obtain my goals, despite a very traumatic leg injury. I would readily refer anyone I know to Alex.

M Chute

I broke my right humerus bone in three places, and could do virtually nothing with the arm until I came to physio. Alex showed me the proper exercises to do at home and in the clinic. He also performed joint mobilizations, ultrasound and electrical stimulation. I felt that Alex really understood what was required to get me back on track. The progress I made, especially at the outset of the physio, was amazing and tangible. Of course it was a little frustrating at times, but Alex explained to me that it wasn’t going to be an overnight change. When he noticed at various sessions that there was significant change in my mobility, he let me know, which was very encouraging. I just knew that Alex wanted my success in physio as much as I did. I would definitely recommend Alex to others.

Theresa Murray

I have seen Caroline many times over the years and each time I received a thorough assessment, detailed treatment and prompt follow up.  Caroline always takes the time to listen and provides excellent quality of care.  I would not hesitate in recommending her to others.


The Physiotherapists at 8 Rinks (specifically Caroline van de Poll and David Sandles) have helped me through several serious injuries, including recovery from reconstructive knee surgeries, neck and back injuries from competitive soccer, and from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. (In the accident, I suffered a rotator cuff tear and nerve impingement that left my shoulder weak and painful, my pelvis had shifted due to the impact of the accident and was causing constant back pain, and I also sustained a whiplash causing neck pain. I was not able to play soccer to the level I was used to, I had trouble sleeping, and I was not able work effectively due to the nagging pain).

Caroline helped identify exactly what was causing the pain, and used physical manipulation to correct the slippage in my back and pelvis. She also massaged my neck, used ultrasound on my shoulder and gave me a series of progressive exercises aimed at correcting and strengthening the injured areas. Caroline was also a constant source of positive energy throughout this lengthy recovery. She never let me get depressed or lose sight of the improvements I was making. The attitude of the entire clinic is positive, caring and personable – keys to helping me through the long road of recovery.

Caroline identified and explained my injuries in terms that I could understand immediately. I feel I could give a decent layman’s term talk about any of the knee, shoulder, back or neck problems I have had. Each injury or problem was explained to me both in its causes as well as the effects, treatments and necessary continued exercises on my part to prevent re-occurrence.

She was immediately positive about the outcome, the possible treatments and was concerned not just about the injury itself but its effect on my life as a whole. During treatments, she focused not on the injury but on me as an individual – how my business was going, talking about my favourite soccer team, discussing the World Cup or the European Championships, the Whitecaps – things that were interesting and important to me. Physio sessions became positive and enjoyable, not an ordeal to endure.

I have been able to resume all my activities from soccer to rock climbing; I am able to devote all my energies to work without being distracted or slowed down by pain or pain induced lack of sleep. Without Caroline, David and the staff at 8 Rinks Physio, I doubt I would be this able, fit and pain free. I could not have asked for better treatment or results.

I first came to 8 Rinks Physio because of their experience with sports injuries and athletes. I have never been disappointed by this decision. I have always felt like I mattered— as if I were getting the same treatment as any top-level professional athlete. I was always confident in both Caroline and David’s ability to diagnose, explain and devise a program to help me with any injury I’ve had. They have, time and again, set me on the track to playing sports and being active, which I appreciate immensely. And they never sugarcoat the amount of effort that will be required to achieve a full recovery.

I have and will continue to recommend friends and teammates to 8 Rinks Physio without hesitation.

Ted Gudlaugson

The main problem I had when I came to see Darby Honeyman was bad headaches. I had a whiplash injury in 1968 (I was born June 1, 1947) and then an aneurysm and stroke in 1985, and believed it could be one or a combination of the two that was causing the bad headaches. 

Darby devised an exercise plan and a schedule for my therapy sessions. As the condition got progressively better, she worked with me to cut down on the number of sessions and work out a ‘maintenance’ schedule. She was also fantastic about ‘fitting me in’ if I was having quite a bit of pain or discomfort in-between sessions.

I was impressed with the degree of Darby’s knowledge, skill, patience and understanding. It was totally reassuring to come away from a session with Darby feeling a great deal of relief and lessening of pain. Darby never hesitated to spend time with me and explain certain parts of my body or of the treatment she was giving me. I always felt that she was also giving me a good education as well as treating my ailments along with showing me new exercises and/or stretches.  s well, Darby always inquired into my symptoms and listened completely. In all these ways, Darby created a partnership with me in the interest of my physical and even mental health.  

As a result of Darby’s excellent care and advice, my ongoing relationship with her strengthened and I felt that I had never had such a degree of confidence in anyone involved in my physical and medical care. I have not hesitated at any time to recommend her one thousand percent when I have talked with someone who could benefit from the excellent care and knowledge that Darby has. To say that I am TOTALLY satisfied with the results and will continue with my treatment with Darby is putting it mildly! I had tried many, many professionals over the years and only with Darby have I experienced such relief from pain since my early twenties when I had the whiplash!

My sincere thanks to Darby from the bottom of my heart.

June Rose Powell

I have seen Darin Cohen for chronic pain in my back muscles and spine, an injured ankle, and shoulder, knee and wrist pain. I have been very impressed with his knowledge and options for treatment. He is experienced, familiar with all my different injuries, and appears generally interested in correcting and improving my conditions. With basic and advanced exercises to strengthen my supporting muscles, posture correction, electrotherapy and acupuncture, I now have reduced pain, increased mobility, and painless movement.

Darin creates a partnership built on trust and understanding between the patient and Therapist. I like that he provides visual tools to explain what is going on, where he is focusing attention and how the body functions. This enables me to understand my conditions and what will be required in order to begin the healing process. I also like that he understands the demand and impact I place on my body and is always able to assist in the recovery process. He gets positive results.

Without a doubt, I would refer my friends and family to 8 Rinks, and to Darin. And FYI, they have really comfortable massage tables, friendly staff and updated equipment, which only adds to the positive experience.

Graham S.

I have been seeing David Koretchuk for treatment of a rotator cuff tear in my shoulder. I was struggling with shoulder motion. I have found David to be very thorough with his treatments for my shoulder. He is patient, yet aggressive when that is what is required.

David is very knowledgeable in his field, and I felt well educated about my problem.

He is great at what he does, is very friendly and makes you feel like family. I think my results were excellent. I am 100% satisfied and I would happily refer friends and family to him.

Carlos Simoes

I have been seeing David Koretchuk for many years for painful joints due to osteoarthritis (mainly in my spine). It interfered with my sports, mainly curling and dragon boating. David’s use of manual therapy, education and exercise prescription really helped, to reduce and eliminate my pain, and improve my function. I have rarely needed more than two treatments with each problem I had, in order to see it resolved.

David’s knowledge is extensive and I always leave feeling well educated about my problem. He has a pleasing personality, takes the time to listen and hear what you are saying, demonstrates an understanding of how your problem is affecting your life, takes your issues seriously and explains what treatment needs to be given and why.

I have and will continue to refer friends and family to David Koretchuk at the Burnaby Heights Clinic.


I was in a car accident in 1997 and, despite working very hard to heal, I continued to experience significant limitations and challenges in terms of the activities in which I could participate. David conducted a thorough assessment of my status and then our work began. 

David, in my opinion, is an exceptional Physiotherapist. Because of his interest in the human body and healing, as well as his exposure to patients with a wide range of injuries, when the ‘usual’ exercises and treatments didn’t have the desired outcome, he (unlike other healthcare providers I had worked with) didn’t leave me with the impression that this failure to heal was due to me somehow. Instead, he said, “I wonder what your body is telling us.” With those six words, I knew that I had finally found a partner in my care, someone who had the education, experience and willingness to spend the time it took to help me unlock the puzzle of what it would take for me to heal.

David listened to me. He treated me as a person (and my body as a conundrum to figure out). He always told me what he thought (even if he knew I would have a hard time hearing it). When I am really discouraged, he spends the time necessary to give me some hope (and realistic perspective on how far we have come). When I am feeling sorry for myself, he (nicely) gives me a kick in the pants. In David, I have someone who is committed to helping me heal. It is an immeasurable gift. Prior to seeing him, I had felt so alone in this battle and so unprepared and unskilled for the issues I was facing.

My progress has been glacial but David has never given up on me. Over the years, we have gradually chipped away at the various issues. He has referred me to practitioners whom he thinks might help me continue to heal. Seeing David has, literally, changed my life! I am now able to do almost all of the things I used to do – ski, run, bike, hike, work around the house. I have gone from barely making it through the day to embracing life and knowing what I need to do to manage my pain and body. Although my life is very different than the one I had prior my accident, thanks to David’s help, I actually have a life that I love. With David I found someone to walk with me. 

Allison Walker

I have seen David Sandles many times over the years. As an avid sports enthusiast and soccer player, I have suffered various injuries (ACL tear with reconstructive surgery, a torn hamstring muscle, patellar knee pain, a torn meniscus in my knee and SI joint inflammation). His knowledge of how the body works, and mechanics in sports is extensive, and he is always able to assess the injury thoroughly, quickly and accurately.

David understands the rehabilitation requirements necessary to get me better. I like how he is able to educate me, with terminology that I can understand and relate to. He uses the various tools at his disposal to help reduce inflammation, and provides exercises to help strengthen the affected areas, focusing on reinforcing proper movement and habits. He also advises and prescribes a home exercise routine. The combination of these treatments has helped me return to pre-injury form, including playing soccer.

Rehabilitation of an injury is not always a simple fix. The process requires the knowledge and skills of the Therapist, along with the intentions and actions of the patient. David is a great person to work with in this process. He understands how injuries impact on people's lives and works with you to achieve your goals. He’ll let you know the kind of effort it will take to heal.

I have been very happy with my results over the years, and whenever I have an injury that requires attention, I make an appointment to see David. I would absolutely recommend my friends and family to the 8 Rinks Clinic (come to think of it, I believe almost all of my immediate family has been to the 8 Rinks Clinic for some type of treatment over the years).

Sven Wagner

I have been seeing Shawndra Hyland (and Delia Fung before her maternity leave) at 8 Rinks Physiotherapy Clinic for injuries I sustained in a car accident (a torn right rotator cuff, along with neck and lower back injuries). My initial complaints were that I was really struggling with pain and lack of movement. Both Delia and Shawndra were well-educated and knowledgeable with my type of injuries. Having them in my life for almost four years, (pre- and post-operation of my rotator cuff), was very valuable. Their therapy consisted of instructing me in the correct exercises (in the clinic and on my own at home), using their manual therapy skills and using the traction machine. With these treatments, I have had full return of both strength and movement (and no pain!) of my right shoulder, and much less pain and better movement of my neck and low back.

What I find exceptional is the dedication of the Therapists and the bond and trust that develops. Getting better takes two (the patient and the Therapist!). When I was being lazy or not giving my all, because they took the time to get to know me as a person, they knew how to motivate me.

Shawndra and Delia were life savers for me when I felt down and somewhat depressed due to my injuries. They kept me upbeat and positive when some days were really bad due to pain and stiffness. I honestly thought after surgery that I would never regain full usage of my right arm. Boy, was I wrong. I feel great.

And 8 Rinks Owners, you seem to pick the right staff. I have had great results with two different therapists, and the receptionist staff is second to none as they are very professional and personal. Keep up the good work. You all are truly amazing. I would happily refer friends and family to the clinic.

Dale Brown

I have seen Delia Fung at 8 Rinks Physiotherapy Clinic for lower back pain, hip pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. In the beginning, I was in so much pain that I hadn't slept well in probably a year. Delia had incredible knowledge and experience, and was able to identify my problems and treat them with little effort. With a program of intense massages, acupuncture, traction, heat and ice, and a core strengthening program, my problem areas are now almost pain free. I am able to sleep again, walk without feeling excruciating pain in my hip and am able to go through the day without the constant nagging pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders. I feel like a human being again!

Delia was very friendly and took an interest not only in the history of my problem areas but also in me as a person. She has a gentleness and kindness about her that allowed me to trust her almost instantly. Delia was able to explain to me what my problems were, how she was treating them, how to prevent further injury and how to rehabilitate these areas in a manner that I could understand. I feel well educated about my problem areas, and know that this information is the reason why I am still doing well on my own.

I am very satisfied with my care at 8 Rinks. The front desk staff were also very professional, as well as warm and accommodating. I felt very comfortable around them. I have sent several friends and family members to this clinic, and highly recommend their services.


I have been seeing Darby Honeyman, Joanne Smith, and Darin Cohen since February 2012 after multiple injuries in two motor vehicle accidents. Primarily, I had back, neck, and shoulder pain, along with wrist/tendon issues. My Therapist(s) and Hand Therapist worked together as a team to ensure that I received optimal treatment and care.

Each one of them (Darin, Darby and Joanne) are so pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. Their expertise, patience, encouragement, suggestions and support through the recovery process has been invaluable. I am grateful to all the staff at the Burnaby Heights and 8 Rinks Clinic. Thank you so much for making life a little bit easier each and every day!

Farah Kassam

I have had the unique opportunity to experience the services provided by the 8 Rinks Clinic as both a client and as a working professional.

As the director of active rehabilitation at Performance Institute, I have shared hundreds of clients with the practitioners at the 8 Rinks Clinic over the past 11 years. In addition to dealing with their Therapists in a working environment, they have also aided me in the recovery of some of my own personal sports injuries that I have acquired.

There has not been an area of the body or a specific injury that they have not helped me or my clients recover from, including, but not limited to: whiplash, bulging discs (cervical and lumbar), pelvic alignment injuries, shoulder impingement syndrome, as well as knee and ankle conditions.

What sets the Therapists apart at the 8 Rinks Clinic is their genuine care for their clients and the way they are able to not only educate the client on what their injury entails, but how they are able to implement an active approach to ensure a quick and speedy recovery that still allows for the client to maintain an active lifestyle.

The Therapists at the 8 Rinks Clinic are equipped with years of experience and knowledge and are very hands on with their treatment. In addition to this, they will oversee your recovery strategy using new and cutting-edge treatment techniques.

For these reasons I would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone who is suffering from an injury wanting an efficient and speedy recovery from a team of Therapists who truly care for the well-being of their clientele.

Jeff Cathrea, B.Sc., Kinesiology
Director of Active Rehabilitation — Performance Institute

I have managed the Sun Run In-Training clinics in the Burnaby area for almost 20 years and the Expert Physio, Burnaby Heights and 8 Rinks Clinics is where I recommend all our participants to go should they be experiencing any discomfort. They put the In-Training clinics high on their priority list during the 13 weeks of training. It is because of their caring, hands on treatments that we have seen many, many individuals safely cross the finish line of the Vancouver Sun Run each year.

I personally have seen Darby Honeyman and David Sandles for a variety of problems over the years including plantar fasciitis, subluxated rib, IT band syndrome and shoulder impingement. They provided hands-on treatment with a number of follow up appointments that were designed to help with the healing in a progressive nature. They are fabulous Physiotherapists. They are approachable, available, experienced and I have recommended them and the clinics to numerous individuals within our community over many years. I always come away feeling well educated about my injury. The best thing is that I have learned ways in which I can manage my problem(s), strengthening and stretching the areas that challenge me so that I can take proactive measures and take charge of my “weaknesses” myself. I always return to my sport strong and injury free.

Burnaby Heights/8 Rinks Clinics are very community focused and believe strongly in the health and well-being of their community. Relationships are formed that are long lasting. When you phone in for an appointment, you are treated like an old friend coming for coffee and that makes me feel very special!!!

Rainy Kent

I have seen many Therapists at the Burnaby Heights Clinic over the years. The best way that I can encapsulate the overall therapy I have received is that there have been times when I have walked into your clinic and I have felt like a soda cracker that someone stepped on. Through their therapy (and my buying in to what I have to do), they have managed to piece me back together each time.

Scott Mccardle

Joanne is very knowledgeable, genuinely attentive and caring. I feel she does whatever she can to help me, and she has been very supportive throughout this whole ordeal. I re-gained my mobility in my right wrist after the surgeries and was able to return back to work full time. I have been very satisfied with the help I received from Joanne (and Darby), and with the front desk staff whom have made me feel very welcome throughout my whole experience. I would absolutely refer friends and family to Joanne Smith and the Burnaby Heights Clinic.

My son received physiotherapy for his back pain at the 8 Rinks Clinic and was very happy with the results as well!

Cheryl Wong

I have been seeing Joanne Smith after a finger infection that didn’t get better with oral antibiotics or IV antibiotics. The infection got worse, and as a result, surgery had to be done. My finger was swollen, painful and stiff, and I had trouble straightening my finger. Then I started seeing Joanne. I felt confident at our sessions. I trusted her knowledge and experience. 

My English is very limited, but Joanne was very patient and kind. She tried her best to explain everything to me. She even drew pictures so I could see what she was trying to say. I felt comfortable and confident that she knew what she was doing. I felt my finger was improving with each session.

I’m happy with the results. I am able to go back to work. My finger is still healing from the surgery because my nail hasn’t grown back 100% yet. However, my finger feels stronger and better than before.

Everyone at the Burnaby Heights office was very helpful and friendly. They were not impatient or rude because of my limited English. I never felt unwelcome. I think that’s pretty important – to feel welcome. I would highly recommend Joanne and her clinic 110%!

Co Chau

I saw Joanne Smith at Expert Physio, Burnaby Heights Clinic for a wrist injury, and was glad I did. She is very friendly (as are the front desk staff) and I never felt rushed when I was being treated. Joanne took the time necessary to treat me with not only her machines (whirlpool bath, ultrasound, electric pads) and exercises, but she also spent time educating me about my problem. I feel she is very experienced and knowledgeable in what she does. She is also great at passing along her knowledge in a way I could understand. I am happy to report that my wrist is feeling great and normal.

I am 100 percent satisfied at the treatment I received by Joanne, and would happily refer friends and family.

Mike Santana

I have seen Lisa Price at the 8 Rinks Clinic for numerous injuries over the past 10 years. Even though I have to travel a fair distance to see Lisa, I wouldn’t hesitate to continue to seek her treatment in the future as I have fully recovered from many of these injuries thanks to her excellent care.

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, and experienced, and I always feel confident in her diagnosis and treatment plans. She always explains the problem, goes over the treatment and ensures I have a clear understanding of the exercises she is prescribing. I feel like she creates a partnership by providing her manual therapy skills in the clinic, and showing me realistic exercises to do at home. I like that I can contact her anytime if I have any questions or problems regarding my treatment.

I have tried other Therapists closer to home, but they were never as efficient with correcting my problems. I think Lisa is an exceptional Therapist, and have recommended her many times to my family and friends.


I initially started seeing Lisa Price because I had a couple of ribs out of alignment that were giving me great pain. I had thought that this was due to an old whiplash injury sustained in an accident. Lisa was able to determine, however, that my pain was due to a complicated interaction between an age-old upslip to my right SI joint and some scoliosis in my upper left back. Lisa’s diagnosis led me to a long but successful journey of physio, exercise and prolotherapy.

The physiotherapy (joint manipulation, visceral mobilization and cranial sacral therapy) was integral to realigning my pelvis/SI joint. The exercises prescribed helped to strengthen the muscles needed to stabilize my joints, and the prolotherapy gave me the ligament stability needed to maintain my alignment. Lisa also referred me to Stephen Barclay who used his acupuncture and intramuscular stimulation skills to help my muscle spasms release.

My lower back pain, which I’ve had for as long as I can remember, is now gone. I am able to sit for extended periods of time. I can jog and ski again. And the most surprising benefit is that I have been virtually cured of many of the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome that I suffered from for over 25 years. I am quite sure that the fact that my lower back is no longer inflamed and sore, and that my upper ribs are not misaligned, has contributed to clearing my IBS. Now, I only need the occasional maintenance treatment for neck and upper back tightness.

Both Lisa and Stephen are quite obviously life-learners who are always improving their skill set. I loved going to physio because I learned a lot about how the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems work together. I always felt well supported, and well educated, and that I had some ownership of my recovery. They are also not threatened by referring out to other types of therapy such as massage and prolotherapy.

Lisa and Stephen have contributed to improving my quality of life immensely. Because I’m not in pain and not suffering from IBS, I am a much more effective, happy person and it has benefited my work and personal life more than I could ever explain!

I am absolutely delighted with the treatment I have received at 8 Rinks Physiotherapy Clinic, and I have referred so many people to the clinic. They are different and exceptional because they are genuinely interested in looking at complicated cases. They look at the underlying cause of the symptoms and “connect the dots.” They are empathetic, and have never dismissed any of my complaints – rather they were very encouraging and complimentary.

Jacqueline Shaben

I first started seeing Lisa Price about ten years ago, when I was a dance student living in New York with a very “messed up ankle”. I ended up having surgery (a tendon repair/foot reconstruction), and Lisa brought me through the rehab process when I was home for the summer. With my ankle, I remember returning to New York a healed, young woman. 

Thus, I returned to 8 Rinks, years later, to see Lisa concerning a neck and shoulder injury.

I always felt that I was in excellent hands. I’ve seen many brilliant practitioners over the years, all over the world, such as acupuncturists, osteopaths, massage therapists and Pilates instructors. They would leave me feeling instantly better, but the problems in my body were never solved for longer than a couple of weeks. Having lived and performed all over the world, and experiencing countless and varied injuries and practitioners, I feel that Lisa has a complete knowledge of the body. It’s a pleasure seeing someone who can assess, manipulate, massage and recommend strengthening exercises. I used to say that it takes more than one type of practitioner to bring me through an injury, but with Lisa, I find she can do it all! I walk away feeling better after every appointment.

I feel that Lisa looks at the big picture. I remember she was having me do gluteal strengthening exercises post-surgery and helping me regain strength in my entire leg, not just my foot and ankle. I felt she was looking out for my future as a professional dancer. She didn’t focus on making me healthy enough to walk, but she was preparing me to walk back into the studio and start performing.

Lisa is kind, takes the time to explain everything, yet never sugar coats anything. She’s tough, but so are people who demand a lot from their bodies, so I feel that she is exactly what I want in a Therapist. She’s personable, and awesome at what she does, which makes her easy to trust.

I highly recommend Eight Rinks. I think their Physios are some of the most diverse I have ever met, and I often refer friends and family to the clinic.

Katherine Cowie

Luong has been my go to physiotherapist for 7 years. It does not matter which clinic he calls his home, I am happy to travel to see him. Luong has such an easy demeanour, he really helped put me at ease through my worst injuries (ankle, back, hamstring to name a few). He is extremely knowledgeable and patient, I am most impressed by Luong's willingness to educate me on my injuries along with his proactive preventative techniques to strengthen the body, hence reducing re-injury. Thanks for always getting me back into the game quickly Luong!

Quyen Ly

I have been seeing Shawndra at the 8 Rinks Clinic for a frozen shoulder. Shawndra carefully evaluated and diagnosed the problem (I originally thought it was a rotator cuff problem). After her proper diagnosis, she commenced with a series of treatments designed to loosen the affected area and prescribed me a home exercise program to accelerate the healing process.

I am currently back to 98% full usage and working on my own going forward. I am very satisfied with my results and the care I received. I have referred friends and family to the 8 Rinks Clinic, and will continue to do so. They are very knowledgeable and personable.

Brian Veitch

I have been seeing Shawndra Hyland (and Delia Fung before her maternity leave) at 8 Rinks Physiotherapy Clinic for injuries I sustained in a car accident (a torn right rotator cuff, along with neck and lower back injuries). My initial complaints were that I was really struggling with pain and lack of movement. Both Delia and Shawndra were well-educated and knowledgeable with my type of injuries. Having them in my life for almost four years, (pre- and post-operation of my rotator cuff), was very valuable. Their therapy consisted of instructing me in the correct exercises (in the clinic and on my own at home), using their manual therapy skills and using the traction machine. With these treatments, I have had full return of both strength and movement (and no pain!) of my right shoulder, and much less pain and better movement of my neck and low back.

What I find exceptional is the dedication of the Therapists and the bond and trust that develops. Getting better takes two (the patient and the Therapist!). When I was being lazy or not giving my all, because they took the time to get to know me as a person, they knew how to motivate me.

Shawndra and Delia were life savers for me when I felt down and somewhat depressed due to my injuries. They kept me upbeat and positive when some days were really bad due to pain and stiffness. I honestly thought after surgery that I would never regain full usage of my right arm. Boy, was I wrong. I feel great.

And 8 Rinks Owners, you seem to pick the right staff. I have had great results with two different therapists, and the receptionist staff is second to none as they are very professional and personal. Keep up the good work. You all are truly amazing. I would happily refer friends and family to the clinic.

Dale Brown

I have been seeing Shawndra Hyland at the 8 Rinks Clinic for a sore knee and sore shoulder. She has treated my issues with ultrasound, deep massage and lots of different exercises to work each area. I have never felt better.

Shawndra is very knowledgeable, explains things well, and is good at discussing what worked and what didn’t before each session. Who knew that my hip positions were affecting my leg, and that my posture needed to be changed to change my pain?

I am extremely satisfied with the care I received at the 8 Rinks Clinic, and would happily refer friends and family there. It’s nice that the front desk staff are very friendly and approachable as well. Their warm welcome is a nice touch.  

Karen Zilcosky

I have been going to the Burnaby Heights Clinic for lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain, along with a hip, foot and calf injury. I feel like Thea has done everything in her power to help me heal. Her knowledge and experience allow her to not get stuck on any problem. She just keeps trying until she finds the best solution. She always listens and displays amazing kindness and compassion (it feels like she puts her patients’ needs ahead of everything). She seems different because she truly cares about her patients, and is truly committed to her work, and her patients’ needs. She is a perfect fit for the job she is doing. I am extremely satisfied with the treatments thus far (so much so that I have recommended others to this Therapist). 

Hadj Gil

I began seeing Thea Cooney after injuring my right leg/knee. Initially, I was given the wrong advice (by someone else) right after my injury, and put in a brace. My ligament then calcified, and my muscles shrunk. My leg was basically in the shape of a “boomerang,” and I was in a lot of pain when I first saw Thea. Thea has done a superb job. Her knowledge and experience during my treatments was extensive and exceptional and has shown itself in my healing. She explains the mechanics in a way that helps me to understand the inner workings of my situation. It is my opinion her professional and engaging manner alone facilitates healing. She’s the best!

Steffany Tylor