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Why see our Certified Hand Therapist ?

The first question is: why see a hand Therapist at all?

Hands are wonderful, complex things. We rely on them in many ways, and some of us make our living with them. When hands present problems, they need specialized care and attention from expertly-trained professionals. So if you have any hand concerns or problems, a properly certified and trained Hand Therapist is a good choice for treatment.

That leads to the second question, which is: why see OUR hand Therapist?

Simply stated, Joanne Smith is one of the most experienced and sought-after Hand Therapists in the Lower Mainland. As one of the very first to be granted certification by the American Hand Therapy Association, Joanne has become the Hand Therapist of choice for referrals by many of the leading doctors and surgeons in the Lower Mainland. She treats every patient as an individual person with specific needs, and customizes her treatment to suit a person’s unique occupational and daily tasks. She pays great attention to detail, making sure that the splints she creates are comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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