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Expert Physio Concussion Baseline Testing

There are many different types of pre-testing, but they are not all the same. We have chosen to partner with CCMI (Complete Concussion Management Incorporated), which is a worldwide organization specializing in evidence-based concussion care, cutting-edge concussion therapies, and the prevention of concussions.

Why Choose Expert Physio for Concussion Baseline Testing & Assessment in Burnaby?

Our physiotherapists in Scotia Barn are highly trained in multimodal baseline testing for concussion treatment, and concussion rehabilitation, and they rely on the tools and resources provided by CCMI for our testing. These tools are the best evidence-based resources available for baseline testing.

Over three hundred doctors throughout the lower mainland refer concussion patients to us. Some have already experienced a concussion, while others are coming on their physician’s recommendation for concussion baseline testing. These healthcare practitioners, by making these referrals are showing their trust in us by placing their patients in our hands.

What Is Concussion Baseline Testing?

Concussions are caused by a traumatic brain injury or impact causing a biochemical imbalance, as a result, decreased blood flow towards the brain.

This is commonly treated by any one of our highly experienced concussion specialists. We utilize every resource available to us to help with a full recovery from this type of concussive injury.

If you are involved in sports, then you always have to be aware of the risks you face in ending up with a concussion. If this does happen, then you want to be able to rely on the best treatments and support for your recovery. One of the ways that you can ensure that this will happen is by taking advantage of our baseline concussion testing.

This is a pre-injury approach to concussions. The data collected from these physical and cognitive tests provide your physician with a baseline report of your current brain function. If you ever receive a concussion, the baseline test results can be used to track your post-concussion recovery and can help your health care provider decide whether you can return to your normal activities.

Occasionally, the concussion symptoms may be gone, but the healthy brain function is not fully established. Without this testing, the physician has to rely on guesswork for decision-making.

Our Priorities Here at Expert Physio:


To reduce or eliminate your pain and discomfort.


To speed up the healing process and ensure proper healing.


To educate you as to how you can be proactive in your recovery.


To restore your quality of life to the fullest potential.

Return To Sports Resources

One of the first things that many athletes are concerned about is adequate recovery time, as they want to return to their sport as soon as possible. The pre-testing that we offer helps to determine the possible clearance for return time. Another resource is the CCMI Concussion Tracker (Smartphone Application). This is an app that can track the status of your concussion.

Knowing that we rely on the very latest technology in complete concussion management and offer specialized evidence-based concussion treatment plans, is just one more reason why you should use us for your testing and your recovery. Our concussion protocols are tailored depending on the patient requirements ranging from concussions in children to concussions in sports, to concussion incidences in any person’s daily routine.

The Treatment Process

We know that athletes have busy schedules. To accommodate all of our patients, we have clinic hours from 6:30 AM – 8:00 PM: Monday through Saturday; and our clinic is centrally located with ample free parking.

We are heavy believers in education when it comes to your injury or in the prevention of it. We encourage all of our patients to be proactive in their recovery and overall well-being.

Call us today to book your consultation with concussion experts in baseline testing. It will give you some extra comfort knowing that should you ever experience a concussion, your health care provider has some extra resources to work with to aid in your recovery.

What Causes a Concussion?


A concussion is a functional brain injury caused by a blow or sudden acceleration and deceleration to the head, neck, or body, with forces transmitted to the brain. While the structure of the brain doesn’t change, how it functions does.

What Is a Baseline Test?


Multimodal baseline testing is a series of physical and cognitive tests that measure healthy brain function before a sports season starts.

Concussion symptoms often resolve before the brain has fully recovered. Having baseline information provides healthcare practitioners with valuable insight into how your brain functions when healthy. After a concussion, this information helps to detect lingering deficits and brain recovery levels to make a safer return to sports decisions.

Why Do I Need To Take a Baseline Test?


A baseline test allows therapists to see how well your brain functions after being injured. A baseline test also gives them information about what normal level of function they were performing prior to getting hurt. Knowing these details can help doctors make decisions regarding return to play and treatment techniques.

What Are the Symptoms of Concussion?


Concussion injuries happen all around us every day. It’s estimated that 1 out of 3 Canadians has experienced one or more concussive events over the course of his/her lifetime. While most people bounce back quickly after experiencing an acute concussion, others suffer from some obvious symptoms such as

  • Neck pain
  • Decreased reaction time
  • Chronic pain issues
  • Impaired range of motion
  • Brain fog
  • Decreased energy levels

In fact, according to recent statistics, about 10% of those who sustain a head injury go on to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within three months of being injured.

How Much Does It Cost?


The costs for concussion baseline testing are very affordable. It is something you will want to invest in as it can be valuable in helping with your recovery should you ever experience a concussion.

Kind Words From Our Clients

Expert Physio is an absolutely incredible clinic. With some of the best clinicians in the city & a stellar admin staff, I am never disappointed with my time there. Darin’s concussion treatment & IMS sessions continue to contribute to my body feeling the healthiest its ever been! Highly recommend!

Kayla P.