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Alex Ward – M Chute

I came to see Alex after I sustained a tibial plateau fracture while skiing. Alex guided me through a painful, lengthy rehabilitation with patience, persistence, encouragement, professionalism and humour. Alex takes the time to explain each intervention, and his steadfast manner eased any doubts I experienced about my ability to work through the pain. He’s exceptional at seeding hope, educating and inspiring confidence while remaining professional in his role. And Burnaby Heights Physiotherapy Clinic is a large, well equipped, professional-looking clinic, which only added to my confidence.

When my knee was locking up after a second surgery (to remove some of the hardware in my knee), I went back to see Alex for the second time. Alex asked thorough and detailed questions, and patiently observed my movements. He was able to assess that my kneecap was “locked up” in scar tissue from my initial trauma. This was resolved with some manual stretching and small maneuvering of the kneecap, demonstrated in a way that made it possible for me to perform this on my own. I experienced considerable relief in a relatively short period of time.

Alex showed an interest not only in my basic movement requirements, but also quality of life issues. Because of his effective “coaching” I am now able to enjoy most of the sports I performed prior to the trauma, participating fully with my family. I’ve had excellent results, and learned much about the realities of physical rehabilitation from this Therapist. His approach helped instill a commitment to continued work that will allow me to obtain my goals, despite a very traumatic leg injury. I would readily refer anyone I know to Alex.

M Chute

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