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Caroline van de Poll – Ted Gudlaugson

The Physiotherapists at 8 Rinks (specifically Caroline van de Poll and David Sandles) have helped me through several serious injuries, including recovery from reconstructive knee surgeries, neck and back injuries from competitive soccer, and from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. (In the accident, I suffered a rotator cuff tear and nerve impingement that left my shoulder weak and painful, my pelvis had shifted due to the impact of the accident and was causing constant back pain, and I also sustained a whiplash causing neck pain. I was not able to play soccer to the level I was used to, I had trouble sleeping, and I was not able work effectively due to the nagging pain).

Caroline helped identify exactly what was causing the pain, and used physical manipulation to correct the slippage in my back and pelvis. She also massaged my neck, used ultrasound on my shoulder and gave me a series of progressive exercises aimed at correcting and strengthening the injured areas. Caroline was also a constant source of positive energy throughout this lengthy recovery. She never let me get depressed or lose sight of the improvements I was making. The attitude of the entire clinic is positive, caring and personable – keys to helping me through the long road of recovery.

Caroline identified and explained my injuries in terms that I could understand immediately. I feel I could give a decent layman’s term talk about any of the knee, shoulder, back or neck problems I have had. Each injury or problem was explained to me both in its causes as well as the effects, treatments and necessary continued exercises on my part to prevent re-occurrence.

She was immediately positive about the outcome, the possible treatments and was concerned not just about the injury itself but its effect on my life as a whole. During treatments, she focused not on the injury but on me as an individual – how my business was going, talking about my favourite soccer team, discussing the World Cup or the European Championships, the Whitecaps – things that were interesting and important to me. Physio sessions became positive and enjoyable, not an ordeal to endure.

I have been able to resume all my activities from soccer to rock climbing; I am able to devote all my energies to work without being distracted or slowed down by pain or pain induced lack of sleep. Without Caroline, David and the staff at 8 Rinks Physio, I doubt I would be this able, fit and pain free. I could not have asked for better treatment or results.

I first came to 8 Rinks Physio because of their experience with sports injuries and athletes. I have never been disappointed by this decision. I have always felt like I mattered— as if I were getting the same treatment as any top-level professional athlete. I was always confident in both Caroline and David’s ability to diagnose, explain and devise a program to help me with any injury I’ve had. They have, time and again, set me on the track to playing sports and being active, which I appreciate immensely. And they never sugarcoat the amount of effort that will be required to achieve a full recovery.

I have and will continue to recommend friends and teammates to 8 Rinks Physio without hesitation.

Ted Gudlaugson

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