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Darby Honeyman – June Rose Powell

The main problem I had when I came to see Darby Honeyman was bad headaches. I had a whiplash injury in 1968 (I was born June 1, 1947) and then an aneurysm and stroke in 1985, and believed it could be one or a combination of the two that was causing the bad headaches. 

Darby devised an exercise plan and a schedule for my therapy sessions. As the condition got progressively better, she worked with me to cut down on the number of sessions and work out a ‘maintenance’ schedule. She was also fantastic about ‘fitting me in’ if I was having quite a bit of pain or discomfort in-between sessions.

I was impressed with the degree of Darby’s knowledge, skill, patience and understanding. It was totally reassuring to come away from a session with Darby feeling a great deal of relief and lessening of pain. Darby never hesitated to spend time with me and explain certain parts of my body or of the treatment she was giving me. I always felt that she was also giving me a good education as well as treating my ailments along with showing me new exercises and/or stretches.  s well, Darby always inquired into my symptoms and listened completely. In all these ways, Darby created a partnership with me in the interest of my physical and even mental health.  

As a result of Darby’s excellent care and advice, my ongoing relationship with her strengthened and I felt that I had never had such a degree of confidence in anyone involved in my physical and medical care. I have not hesitated at any time to recommend her one thousand percent when I have talked with someone who could benefit from the excellent care and knowledge that Darby has. To say that I am TOTALLY satisfied with the results and will continue with my treatment with Darby is putting it mildly! I had tried many, many professionals over the years and only with Darby have I experienced such relief from pain since my early twenties when I had the whiplash!

My sincere thanks to Darby from the bottom of my heart.

June Rose Powell

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