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Darin Cohen – Graham S.

I have seen Darin Cohen for chronic pain in my back muscles and spine, an injured ankle, and shoulder, knee and wrist pain. I have been very impressed with his knowledge and options for treatment. He is experienced, familiar with all my different injuries, and appears generally interested in correcting and improving my conditions. With basic and advanced exercises to strengthen my supporting muscles, posture correction, electrotherapy and acupuncture, I now have reduced pain, increased mobility, and painless movement.

Darin creates a partnership built on trust and understanding between the patient and Therapist. I like that he provides visual tools to explain what is going on, where he is focusing attention and how the body functions. This enables me to understand my conditions and what will be required in order to begin the healing process. I also like that he understands the demand and impact I place on my body and is always able to assist in the recovery process. He gets positive results.

Without a doubt, I would refer my friends and family to 8 Rinks, and to Darin. And FYI, they have really comfortable massage tables, friendly staff and updated equipment, which only adds to the positive experience.

Graham S.

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