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David Sandles – Allison Walker

I was in a car accident in 1997 and, despite working very hard to heal, I continued to experience significant limitations and challenges in terms of the activities in which I could participate. David conducted a thorough assessment of my status and then our work began. 

David, in my opinion, is an exceptional Physiotherapist. Because of his interest in the human body and healing, as well as his exposure to patients with a wide range of injuries, when the ‘usual’ exercises and treatments didn’t have the desired outcome, he (unlike other healthcare providers I had worked with) didn’t leave me with the impression that this failure to heal was due to me somehow. Instead, he said, “I wonder what your body is telling us.” With those six words, I knew that I had finally found a partner in my care, someone who had the education, experience and willingness to spend the time it took to help me unlock the puzzle of what it would take for me to heal.

David listened to me. He treated me as a person (and my body as a conundrum to figure out). He always told me what he thought (even if he knew I would have a hard time hearing it). When I am really discouraged, he spends the time necessary to give me some hope (and realistic perspective on how far we have come). When I am feeling sorry for myself, he (nicely) gives me a kick in the pants. In David, I have someone who is committed to helping me heal. It is an immeasurable gift. Prior to seeing him, I had felt so alone in this battle and so unprepared and unskilled for the issues I was facing.

My progress has been glacial but David has never given up on me. Over the years, we have gradually chipped away at the various issues. He has referred me to practitioners whom he thinks might help me continue to heal. Seeing David has, literally, changed my life! I am now able to do almost all of the things I used to do – ski, run, bike, hike, work around the house. I have gone from barely making it through the day to embracing life and knowing what I need to do to manage my pain and body. Although my life is very different than the one I had prior my accident, thanks to David’s help, I actually have a life that I love. With David I found someone to walk with me. 

Allison Walker

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