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David Sandles – Sven Wagner

I have seen David Sandles many times over the years. As an avid sports enthusiast and soccer player, I have suffered various injuries (ACL tear with reconstructive surgery, a torn hamstring muscle, patellar knee pain, a torn meniscus in my knee and SI joint inflammation). His knowledge of how the body works, and mechanics in sports is extensive, and he is always able to assess the injury thoroughly, quickly and accurately.

David understands the rehabilitation requirements necessary to get me better. I like how he is able to educate me, with terminology that I can understand and relate to. He uses the various tools at his disposal to help reduce inflammation, and provides exercises to help strengthen the affected areas, focusing on reinforcing proper movement and habits. He also advises and prescribes a home exercise routine. The combination of these treatments has helped me return to pre-injury form, including playing soccer.

Rehabilitation of an injury is not always a simple fix. The process requires the knowledge and skills of the Therapist, along with the intentions and actions of the patient. David is a great person to work with in this process. He understands how injuries impact on people’s lives and works with you to achieve your goals. He’ll let you know the kind of effort it will take to heal.

I have been very happy with my results over the years, and whenever I have an injury that requires attention, I make an appointment to see David. I would absolutely recommend my friends and family to the 8 Rinks Clinic (come to think of it, I believe almost all of my immediate family has been to the 8 Rinks Clinic for some type of treatment over the years).

Sven Wagner

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