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Delia Fung – Lina

I have seen Delia Fung at 8 Rinks Physiotherapy Clinic for lower back pain, hip pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. In the beginning, I was in so much pain that I hadn’t slept well in probably a year. Delia had incredible knowledge and experience, and was able to identify my problems and treat them with little effort. With a program of intense massages, acupuncture, traction, heat and ice, and a core strengthening program, my problem areas are now almost pain free. I am able to sleep again, walk without feeling excruciating pain in my hip and am able to go through the day without the constant nagging pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders. I feel like a human being again!

Delia was very friendly and took an interest not only in the history of my problem areas but also in me as a person. She has a gentleness and kindness about her that allowed me to trust her almost instantly. Delia was able to explain to me what my problems were, how she was treating them, how to prevent further injury and how to rehabilitate these areas in a manner that I could understand. I feel well educated about my problem areas, and know that this information is the reason why I am still doing well on my own.

I am very satisfied with my care at 8 Rinks. The front desk staff were also very professional, as well as warm and accommodating. I felt very comfortable around them. I have sent several friends and family members to this clinic, and highly recommend their services.


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