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General – Jeff Cathrea

I have had the unique opportunity to experience the services provided by the 8 Rinks Clinic as both a client and as a working professional.

As the director of active rehabilitation at Performance Institute, I have shared hundreds of clients with the practitioners at the 8 Rinks Clinic over the past 11 years. In addition to dealing with their Therapists in a working environment, they have also aided me in the recovery of some of my own personal sports injuries that I have acquired.

There has not been an area of the body or a specific injury that they have not helped me or my clients recover from, including, but not limited to: whiplash, bulging discs (cervical and lumbar), pelvic alignment injuries, shoulder impingement syndrome, as well as knee and ankle conditions.

What sets the Therapists apart at the 8 Rinks Clinic is their genuine care for their clients and the way they are able to not only educate the client on what their injury entails, but how they are able to implement an active approach to ensure a quick and speedy recovery that still allows for the client to maintain an active lifestyle.

The Therapists at the 8 Rinks Clinic are equipped with years of experience and knowledge and are very hands on with their treatment. In addition to this, they will oversee your recovery strategy using new and cutting-edge treatment techniques.

For these reasons I would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone who is suffering from an injury wanting an efficient and speedy recovery from a team of Therapists who truly care for the well-being of their clientele.

Jeff Cathrea, B.Sc., Kinesiology
Director of Active Rehabilitation — Performance Institute

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