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General – Rainy Kent

I have managed the Sun Run In-Training clinics in the Burnaby area for almost 20 years and the Expert Physio, Burnaby Heights and 8 Rinks Clinics is where I recommend all our participants to go should they be experiencing any discomfort. They put the In-Training clinics high on their priority list during the 13 weeks of training. It is because of their caring, hands on treatments that we have seen many, many individuals safely cross the finish line of the Vancouver Sun Run each year.

I personally have seen Darby Honeyman and David Sandles for a variety of problems over the years including plantar fasciitis, subluxated rib, IT band syndrome and shoulder impingement. They provided hands-on treatment with a number of follow up appointments that were designed to help with the healing in a progressive nature. They are fabulous Physiotherapists. They are approachable, available, experienced and I have recommended them and the clinics to numerous individuals within our community over many years. I always come away feeling well educated about my injury. The best thing is that I have learned ways in which I can manage my problem(s), strengthening and stretching the areas that challenge me so that I can take proactive measures and take charge of my “weaknesses” myself. I always return to my sport strong and injury free.

Burnaby Heights/8 Rinks Clinics are very community focused and believe strongly in the health and well-being of their community. Relationships are formed that are long lasting. When you phone in for an appointment, you are treated like an old friend coming for coffee and that makes me feel very special!!!

Rainy Kent

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