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Joanne Smith – Co Chau

I have been seeing Joanne Smith after a finger infection that didn’t get better with oral antibiotics or IV antibiotics. The infection got worse, and as a result, surgery had to be done. My finger was swollen, painful and stiff, and I had trouble straightening my finger. Then I started seeing Joanne. I felt confident at our sessions. I trusted her knowledge and experience. 

My English is very limited, but Joanne was very patient and kind. She tried her best to explain everything to me. She even drew pictures so I could see what she was trying to say. I felt comfortable and confident that she knew what she was doing. I felt my finger was improving with each session.

I’m happy with the results. I am able to go back to work. My finger is still healing from the surgery because my nail hasn’t grown back 100% yet. However, my finger feels stronger and better than before.

Everyone at the Burnaby Heights office was very helpful and friendly. They were not impatient or rude because of my limited English. I never felt unwelcome. I think that’s pretty important – to feel welcome. I would highly recommend Joanne and her clinic 110%!

Co Chau

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