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Lisa Price – Katherine Cowie

I first started seeing Lisa Price about ten years ago, when I was a dance student living in New York with a very “messed up ankle”. I ended up having surgery (a tendon repair/foot reconstruction), and Lisa brought me through the rehab process when I was home for the summer. With my ankle, I remember returning to New York a healed, young woman. 

Thus, I returned to 8 Rinks, years later, to see Lisa concerning a neck and shoulder injury.

I always felt that I was in excellent hands. I’ve seen many brilliant practitioners over the years, all over the world, such as acupuncturists, osteopaths, massage therapists and Pilates instructors. They would leave me feeling instantly better, but the problems in my body were never solved for longer than a couple of weeks. Having lived and performed all over the world, and experiencing countless and varied injuries and practitioners, I feel that Lisa has a complete knowledge of the body. It’s a pleasure seeing someone who can assess, manipulate, massage and recommend strengthening exercises. I used to say that it takes more than one type of practitioner to bring me through an injury, but with Lisa, I find she can do it all! I walk away feeling better after every appointment.

I feel that Lisa looks at the big picture. I remember she was having me do gluteal strengthening exercises post-surgery and helping me regain strength in my entire leg, not just my foot and ankle. I felt she was looking out for my future as a professional dancer. She didn’t focus on making me healthy enough to walk, but she was preparing me to walk back into the studio and start performing.

Lisa is kind, takes the time to explain everything, yet never sugar coats anything. She’s tough, but so are people who demand a lot from their bodies, so I feel that she is exactly what I want in a Therapist. She’s personable, and awesome at what she does, which makes her easy to trust.

I highly recommend Eight Rinks. I think their Physios are some of the most diverse I have ever met, and I often refer friends and family to the clinic.

Katherine Cowie

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