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Expert Physio Custom Orthotics

If you are looking for custom orthotics in Burnaby, then it may very well be because you are dealing with pain in your feet, legs or lower back and in need of some relief.

Why is Expert Physio the right choice for your custom orthotics?

We are very fortunate to have over three hundred doctors in our area refer their patients to us when we can assist them with their pain control and recovery. During our course of treatments, we may determine that custom orthotics would benefit them.

If this is the case, then we want to make sure that they are getting the very best of these. That they are properly made and that our patients are educated in the use of them. We can only effectively do this if we can offer custom orthotic services ourselves.

When do you require custom orthotics?

Orthotics can serve two important purposes. The first is that orthotics can help to relieve the pain and discomfort that you may be experiencing. Secondly, orthotics may help correct the underlying problem that is causing pain. Orthotics are not an instant relief treatment. It takes time for them to be effective.

We often recommend custom orthotics in conjunction with other treatments and procedures that may be necessary for your recovery or stability and improvement in health.

Our priorities here at Expert Physio:


To reduce or eliminate your pain and discomfort.


To speed up the healing process and to ensure proper healing.


To educate you as to how you can be proactive in your recovery.


To restore your quality of life to the fullest potential.

Why We Offer Custom Orthotics in Burnaby, BC

Individuals that are suffering from an injury or are post-surgery may greatly benefit from custom orthotics. They may be needed temporarily or permanently. Either way, they can be a very valuable resource for helping to reduce pain and for the prevention of further discomfort and potential injury to the body.

We (Expert Physio Clinic) treat a wide range of conditions including but not limited to:

Foot pain

Plantar fasciitis foot

Alignment of foot bone

Arch pain

Hip pain

Patellofemoral pain syndrome


Iliotibial band syndrome

Alignment of ankle bones to their neutral position

Faulty foot mechanics

Foot alignment

Knee pain

Flat feet

Foot imbalance

Biomechanical issues and poor foot function

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Abnormal foot motion

Other foot conditions

Why do I need Expert Physio for this?

If you need custom orthotics, then it means there is a mechanical dysfunction in your body. Something is causing your pain or misalignment of your feet, legs or spine. This cause has to be determined and then it has to be decided if custom orthotics are going to provide any benefit.

One of the best professionals to determine this is a highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist in Burnaby, BC. We have twelve of these professionals on staff to help decide if these are the best resource for you.


We are not just going to advise you to get custom made orthotics because you are coming to us with a complaint of pain. We take your pain very seriously, and we want to be sure that it is treated quickly and effectively as possible. We can only determine this by completing an intake and then doing a full assessment.

How do orthotics work?


As the name implies, custom orthotics are customized for each individual that requires them. They help to stimulate the muscles of the feet. They are used to stabilize the body as a person stands, walks or runs. They are designed to address any imbalances that are present.

When the muscles in the feet have strengthened, it helps to remove the stress that is being placed on the ankles and knees all way up to the hips, pelvis and spine. This is what makes them an effective treatment for lower back pain.

Can I Afford Custom Orthotics?


If custom foot orthotics are the best treatment for you, then you cannot afford to go without them. Here we have kept our prices comparable and reasonable. If you have an extended health insurance plan, you may find that it will provide some or full coverage for you.

Call us today and set up your appointment. Let us help you to determine if custom orthotics are right for you. If so, then you can be sure you are going to get the right ones that are going to bring you the most benefits.

Kind Words From Our Clients

I can’t tell you just how many physiotherapists I had been to until a friend referred me to Expert Physio. I have never looked back! Lisa and her team of physios at Expert Physio are simply the best in all of Metro Vancouver. Their therapy, care and respect extends all the way from the welcoming front desk to the treatment areas. I would highly recommend the wonderful group of therapists from Expert Physio.

Aloma F.