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Patients – we have some exciting ideas to share with you!

The COVID-19 crisis has created the need for social distancing.

Due to Covid-19 Crisis, there is a need to implement social distancing measures. Using tel rehab service is an ideal solution to maintain ongoing therapy for patients. By using video and telephone, patients will be able to keep track of their treatment plans at times when hands-on treatment is not possible directly with their therapists.

We believe that using these services will help our patients during a crisis and when they need tel rehab as an option for their therapy needs, even when in-person care starts shortly.

People Who Can Benefit:

• When you are unable to come to the clinic to undergo your care plan
• wanting to tend any injury or chronic pain but are unable to leave the comfort of your home
• when you lose track and progress many times due to remaining away for more extended periods.

Book Online or Contact Us if you are experiencing one of the above issues.

Our Physiotherapy Services:


We start with a conversation addressing your symptoms and understanding the effect of injury on your daily life and activities; based on your answers from the conversation, our highly trained therapists will give an initial diagnosis. After diagnosis, they will move to a more personalized assessment.


Special tests will be done that don’t require physical contact, like visual observation, range of motion, movement analysis, and other necessary measurements.

Client Education/Consultation: 

Discussing the problems using different online platforms and resources (i.e., anatomy diagrams, bracing device, sleep education, etc.) to get a better idea of your injury and devise a treatment plan accordingly

Home Exercise Programming: 

Showing how to perform specific exercises, making corrections, and progressing to personalized exercises.

Referral recommendations:

Physician, specialist and/or imaging referral recommendations, when necessary, based on your unique case
Splinting, bracing and/or immobilization advice

Treatment planning:

Discussion of whether further telerehabilitation sessions would be of benefit to you, as well as general guidelines on prognosis for recovery and return to activity


Assess & Treat/Consult – Video Based (or phone if preferred)

Includes initial history, assessment as well as client education/ consultation, home exercise programming, recommendations and treatment planning

30 minute


Follow-Up Treatment – Video Based(or phone if preferred)

Ongoing treatment including client education/consultation, home program progressions and recommendations

30 minute


ICBC Consultation and Treatment


30 minutes

ICBC pays

Worksafe Consultation and Treatment


30 minutes

WSBC pays


Watch the video from PhysiApp, our telerehabilitation platform, so that you will be able to prepare yourself for a video-based session, should you choose to book that service.

Feel free to contact Expert Physio with questions. Our Office Coordinator will be answering phone calls each day. Please call 604-670-4737 or 604-294-3911.

We will provide updates regarding when our regular business hours and treatment services will resume, as well as any changes to our telerehabilitation services.

We look forward to exploring this exciting new venture with you!

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