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Expert Physio IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation)

Here at Expert Physio in Burnaby, we have set ourselves up to be able to offer many varieties of procedures and treatments to help restore our patient’s quality of life to its fullest. If you are experiencing pain or limited mobility because of an injury or illness, then most likely, any one of our highly trained and skilled physiotherapists will be able to help. One of the many treatments that we offer that may be of value to you is Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS).

Why Choose Highly Skilled Professionals at Expert Physio?

Over 300 physicians from the lower mainland refer to us because we are known for our expert care. Individuals that are suffering from pain, an injury, or a disease need attention as quickly as possible; and we have made sure that we have extended, and Saturday hours, to reduce wait times for appointments. We are also centrally located with ample free parking.

How Does IMS Work?

This is a procedure that is carried out with the use of acupuncture needles placed in the appropriate muscles for your condition (known by your therapist who has done a detailed first assessment). You will experience very little if any discomfort created from the insertion of these needles, but may experience muscle “twitching”.

This mechanical stimulation and muscle contraction subsequently allows the affected muscle to relax, which in turn relieves the nerve irritation. The result is a reduction in pain and stiffness. The added benefit of the use of needles in IMS therapy is that it encourages increased blood flow to the area affected.

Our physiotherapists here at Expert Physio are fully trained in the application of IMS. It allows them to be able to target deep muscles that other forms of treatment may not be as effective.

Our Priorities Here at Expert Physio:


To reduce or eliminate your pain and discomfort.


To speed up the healing process and ensure proper healing.


To educate you as to how you can be proactive in your recovery.


To restore your quality of life to the fullest potential.

What Is IMS Beneficial For?

Many injuries and illnesses can create neurological pain, and / or muscle stiffness. If this is what you are experiencing, it can be debilitating, and most likely affect your normal daily routine. With IMS therapy Burnaby you can benefit from a wide range of common conditions including:

Mechanical neck pain

Pain of neuropathic origin

Improved mobility

Soft tissue injuries / pain

Chronic muscle tension

Frozen shoulder

Fibromyalgia and many other chronic pain conditions

Back pain

Ankle pain

Improving body function

Tennis elbow

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Rotator cuff issues

Arthritic conditions

Musculoskeletal injuries

Myofascial pain

Connective tissue injuries / pain


Improve recovery from injury

Chronic muscle shortening

Knee pain management

Muscle tension

Improving muscle function

Motor vehicle accident injuries related pain

Neuropathic pain


Sports injuries

Hip pain

Repetitive strain injuries

Is IMS Right for You?

Not everyone may be a candidate for IMS. This is determined by our physiotherapists.

First, you will complete a detailed intake, where we will focus on your past and present medical history. Following this, our physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment. It is at this time that we will determine if IMS is right for you.

We know that your pain is very real, and if we do not opt to use IMS, then it is because we have determined that there are better treatment plans at our disposal to treat you effectively (manual therapy, trigger point release therapy, physiotherapy treatments, mobility exercises, client rehabilitation, client education).

What Is Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)?


The term “intramuscular stimulation” refers to the use of a filament needle that penetrates into muscles in order to stimulate them with electrical impulses. This treatment technique can be used for acute injuries as well as chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. It has been shown to help reduce inflammation for pain relief, increase blood circulation, improve range of motion, and decrease pain.

How Does IMS Treatment Work?


The theory behind IMS is that trigger point needling can release local inflammation by stimulating nerves at the site of injury. This may be due to an increase in blood flow to the area as well as increased nerve activity. In addition, it has been suggested that this technique causes micro-trauma to the tissues surrounding the needling sites, causing them to become more sensitive to touch.

How Many IMS Sessions Will I Need?


The number of treatments required depends on how long you have been experiencing symptoms, your current level of activity, and other factors such as age, health status, etc. It is important to note that each individual responds differently to therapy; therefore, there is not one right answer regarding the frequency of treatments. In general, most people require anywhere from 3-10 treatments over an 8-week period. Some individuals respond well after only 1 treatment while others require more than 10 treatments before they see improvement.

Note: You should allow 1-2 week recovery periods in between the treatment sessions.

How Much Does It Cost?


No matter which treatment program is designed for you, it’s going to be affordable. Also, if you have insurance coverage, it may help offset your costs.

When you choose Expert Physio, you are going to be treated by one or more of the highly skilled physiotherapists that we have on staff. Once you become our patient, you are our priority. Call us today so we can get you on the road to better health! 604-670-4905

Kind Words From Our Clients

Best physio experience ever! IMS therapy is next level! Charles has been supportive throughout my recovery. Front staff are friendly and engaging!

Mae V.