Giro di Burnaby 2013

On July 24, 2013
We have been Silver Sponsors of the Giro di Burnaby since its inception in 2006. A giro is a street bike race over a short course. It’s an exciting sport to watch! As the dedicated Physiotherapists for this event, we are always looking for problems on the course…but with some trepidation!
This year, the women gave us our first “job opportunity”!  A couple of the riders went down in the warm up and ended up in the Physio tent before the race even started. Both had problems requiring some re-alignment from our Physiotherapists before hitting the  start line for the race. The women’s race went down to the wire-one of the best finishes in the Burnaby Giro that we have seen! The men’s race was also exciting and strategic.About 10 of the riders required our services this year.
It is always a pleasure to work with dedicated athletes of this calibre. We will be back next year to offer our financial support and our free services to the competitors once again! We wish every cyclist a great season!

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